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Are You On A Journey To A Healthier Life?


If you have made the decision to live healthier, go chemical free, eat real food, follow an Autoimmune Protocol or Paleo lifestyle, congratulations you took the first step on the road to healing yourself. 


Vivi Puro came to be after our founder Gigi struggled with finding information, recipes and resources for following an AIP lifestyle.  After a year of frustration and learning she wanted to create a resource that provided information from many sources that will help others who are following the same journey to make better choices. Eventually she learned that even though whole foods were a key to her healing the other chemical elements found in her everyday products prevented her from truly healing.  

Our Sharing Place is a resource for information regarding AIP lifestyles, wholefood benefits, breathing techniques for anxiety, natural holistic options, as well as tips for maintaining a cleaner and safer lifestyle through natural products.  You will find articles on what are some of the causes for inflammation that affect all autoimmune diseases, articles regarding healing through diet and lifestyle, recipes and even new product reviews to help take the frustration out of where to start and find products that are compliant.

We are happy to announce AIP Marketplace & Vera Canapa at Vivi Puro where you can find new and exciting products that will help you on your journey to living a healthier life.


Let us be your resource for sharing & learning more about:


The AIP Elimination Diet

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Stress and the effects on the immune system

Holistic Alternatives for Healing

Chemical Free Options for you & your family

& much more

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