The Vivi Puro Story

How Vivi Puro Came To Be. 


Hi I am Gigi and I suffer from multiple autoimmune issues and when at my wits end and very sick I was told by my healthcare practitioner that a dietary approach called AIP - Autoimmune Protocol could help me get back on track.  I struggled with finding information, recipes and resources for following an AIP lifestyle.  After a year of frustration and learning I wanted to create a resource that provided information from many sources that will help others who are following the same journey to make better choices. Eventually I learned that even though whole foods were a key to my healing the other chemical elements found in my everyday products prevented me from truly healing.  I had to find a better way to heal myself.

So I started Vivi Puro at the end of 2017 and today Vivi Puro has evolved.  I have expanded my knowledge by becoming a health coach through the school of Institute of Integrated Nutrition. I did this mainly for myself and my family but found people I came into contact with often asked if I could help them through their struggles, as we shared the same journey in many instances.  I am often asked what exactly is a health coach?


So let me explain......


The one point I can't emphasize enough I am a health coach not a healthcare practitioner!  So what is the difference?  Well I am a support tool.  Maybe you need accountability for meeting the path your healthcare practitioner set for you.  Maybe you need to learn to cook healthier and are unsure where to start.  Maybe you need help in maneuvering the world of so called healthy products or how to shop your grocery store for products that fit your personal needs.  Often recipes are a stumbling point for some.  I love to cook so I am a perfect resource.  Since I have had to do all that I can help you and you may not have to struggle as I did. 


So what can't I do?

I can not tell you what medications to take, diagnose you, tell you to change some part of your life. 

What can I do?

   I can give you the resources to make decisions that are right for you.  I can ask you the right questions that may help you make better decisions, provide you with resources to learn more, hold you accountable for goals you set. I can help you find a meal plan and recipes that work for you and suggest resources for learning exercise techniques based on the guidelines set by your healthcare provider.


My job is like a guide helping you go through the maze of finding the right tools. 


    - Let's say you are told no nightshades as it sets your autoimmune disease off.  How might I help?  First I can help explain what a nightshade is and why it might affect you. Next I can tell you what might be a replacement for nightshades when cooking and even help you find recipes to make your life easier. 

    - Your doctor has told you to lose 30 pounds for your health.  How can I help here?  Well I might start by asking you how you feel about your diet and explore what you might be able to change. Maybe we discuss the ways exercise could be of use or what is holding you back from doing either of those things.

Since I understand the frustration you might feel because even though my health issues are better and getting better everyday through learning and the help of my practitioner I too am on a constant journey to learn more and do better.  I want to live a life that is as pure as it can get and be the healthiest me!  

Contact me to see how I can help you on your journey to living a healthier life.  Contact me for a free consultation and see if we might want to work together on a journey to better health.  We all could use a little help.


Let Vivi Puro be your resource for sharing & learning more about:


The AIP Elimination Diet

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Stress and the effects on the immune system

Holistic Alternatives for Healing

Chemical Free Options for you & your family

& much more

Vivi Puro