• Gigi

AIP in a nutshell... where I started.

I will start by trying to make this a simple explanation of the AIP Diet by providing you with some necessary information and then offer some links to sites I found helpful. I have discovered that there are many theories and approaches and would suggest you work with a professional healthcare provider to find the correct path for you and your issues.

The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps the immune system in our digestive system heal. The AIP diet addresses the gut mucosa and is often referred to as a leaky gut. If you live with an inflammatory disease, then you most likely have a leaky gut. You might not be aware that there are over 80 autoimmune diseases, and that list is increasing. Researchers estimate that there are over 50 million Americans who suffer from some form of autoimmune disease and that up to 75 percent of them are women.

The goal of an AIP diet is to reduce inflammation in our intestines and our body by helping us find the sensitivities that trigger our autoimmune diseases. You will discover the term AIP Diet is also called an elimination diet. Multiple sources state most people who suffer from more than one autoimmune condition. Research finds that most people are likely to develop others over time, so reducing inflammation is crucial to healing and preventing the onset of other issues.

Everyone has a different set of triggers for setting their inflammation off, and you will find that there many different resources or authors that have similar but different theories. You will discover that there is no set time for determining your sensitivities or even a given period for healing, so it is essential that you understand what you learn may or may not apply to your situation. The most vital part of your healing plan will be the patience as this is not an overnight cure. You may find that you are even sensitive to certain foods that are on the “AIP compliant list." I cannot emphasize enough that everyone is different, and you need to discover what your sensitivities are. You will find that the elimination diet is only one part of the healing process to lessen the inflammation in the gut and body usually requires diet, supplements, and stress relieving measures. Autoimmune diseases are not cured but only put into a state of remission, so that is why the combination the AIP diet, the use of supplements and stress relieving measures are often called an AIP lifestyle that requires long-term or lifelong commitments.

I am only providing some of the necessary information regarding the use of the AIP diet, you may have other issues like hormone balancing, insulin resistance, even parasites to that may need to be considered when devising a health plan. It will be essential that you find a qualified professional who has a background in dealing with autoimmune issues, as they may alter your healing program to include other diet restrictions due to FODMAP, low histamine other health issues.