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AIP/Paleo Chicken & Veggie Pie

Well its time to use those veggies up!

Staring at the contents of my vegetable bin in my refrigerator I knew I needed to use them up before they went bad. It is a cold rainy day and a hot tummy warming meal sounded good!

Ingredients: Use what you have.

I used for the filling:

1 cup of yucca diced

1 cup of carrots diced

1 cup of brussel sprouts diced

1 cup of golden beets

2 cup of chicken - I used leftover roasted chicken you could use turkey or other white meat

2 tablespoons herb de provence

1/2 teaspoon fresh dried thyme from my garden

1/4 cassava flour or flour of your choice

2 cups bone broth - I used chicken bone broth

8 tablespoons a fat of your choice I uses a duck fat but a tallow or other fat will do.

First make your roux. I start by lightly sauteing my vegetables and put aside. In sauce pan add cassava flour and fat of your choice. Roux is finished when it is a cream or "peanut color". Add spices, bone broth until mixed and roux thickens. Add veggies and put to the side until you are ready to place in pie crust.

For the crust: I made 2 versions one my husband preferred

Pumpkin/cassava crust - I only use and carry Otto's in the marketplace

11/2 cups cassava flour

1/4 arrowroot starch

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

4 tablespoons pumpkin or squash puree

6 tablespoons lard or palm shortening ( I use cold shortening and will sometimes substitute ghee for shortening)

1 cup coconut milk

Add ingredients in large bowl. I prefer the good ole mix them up by hand like my YiaYia did! I flour my counter and rolling pin and roll out dough to about a 1/8 - 1/4" thickness and use the same for a top. I sprinkle cold water on top for flakiness. Don't forget to pierce the top with a fork!

Once your crust is made add filling and place in oven that has been warmed to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on dish you are using bake 30-40 minutes, crust will be a warm medium brown. This also my favorite leftover meal too!



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