• Gigi

Beets - Do What Your Mama Told You!

I made this super easy beet salad with some of Nature's best superfoods!

Organic Ingredients: Fresh Red and Golden Beets, Fresh Peaches from my garden, Fresh Blood Orange, Fresh Cilantro from my garden. The Beet Lady Beet Ketchup was my special ingredient! Sometimes I add apple, jicama and celery too! I encourage to be creative if in season add cranberries!

Roast Beets in the oven I used my Power AirFryer (just love it)

In meantime, I used 4 good size beets 2 red and 2 golden, 3 fresh peaches, and 2 blood oranges peeled. I used 6 good size spigs I would add to taste on this. Put this into a food processor and blend I used 8 oz of The Beet Lady - Beet Ketchup. Just toss this with the Beet Ketchup and there you go quick and easy beet salad!

So healthy and tasty on a hot summer day! It makes a great side dish to take to your next cookout!

Have a Beetutiful Day!