• Gigi

Gigi's Story the road to Vivi Puro

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

It started with a new doctor asking me what causes your autoimmune disease to react? Of course I had no idea, as no one ever told me that food and chemical sensitivities could trigger the inflammation that causes my vitiligo to spread. Vitiligo is just one of the 80 + autoimmune diseases affecting many of us today. That day I started my journey to learn more about my disease and about the diet the doctor recommended called the AIP Diet or Autoimmune Protocol Diet aka Paleo AIP. It is said this is a version of the Paleo diet approach but much more restrictive. The diet goal is to heal the immune system and the leaky gut through eating specific nutritional foods, and eliminating foods that cause (or may cause) negative immune response and inflammation. Paleo followers can follow the AIP diet with no problem, but AIP followers cannot follow Paleo, as there are foods that trigger inflammation on its approved list like nuts and legumes. I found even with the strict AIP list you could still be sensitive to something on the list of "compliant" foods. Basically it was learning about what I was sensitive to.

Over the next year I learned to cook with new ingredients taking out almost all of the products I learned to cook with over the years. Good bye sugar, flour, eggs, dairy (- oh I so miss milk), chocolate, nuts, tomatoes, peppers and even pumpkin seeds! The list is far too long for this post for me to mention all that I thought I would miss! Let’s just say it was a change of lifestyle. Over the year I learned to use new and unusual items to cook with. The bigger problem was where do I find all these things and when I have no time to cook where do I find items I can readily use that fit my strict criteria. I would have to go to multiple brick and mortar stores looking for compliant products, as well as using Amazon and other online sites picking through products and websites reading labels for ingredients.

​Hence, Vivi Puro was born I chose a name that meant "Live Pure" in Italian as I was trying to live a better life. My new lifestyle includes living a better and healthier life by making sure the foods and products I use help me maintain my goal of living healthier, so I stay HEALTHY! So, I decided why not focus my efforts on creating a a resource and web store that provided AIP followers a one stop experience. It made sense, as an AIP lifestyle demands so much time already just learning about what you need nutrition and health wise so why not help others save the hours I spend searching for information, articles, resources and products that I found.

So, I welcome you to join me on my journey of trying new products, new recipes and learning more about ways we can stay healthy and keep our autoimmune diseases from stopping us from enjoying this wonderful life. Today I can't say I don't occasionally miss that hot wing or a big piece of fudge, but I have found alternatives that make this journey far more pleasant. Your tastes will evolve, and your taste buds will be open to new and exciting flavors. It takes time and patience and Vivi Puro is here to help you streamline your time by find recipes, links to article or even letting you shop for products that are compliant. There are some great new products that can make your cooking time shorter in the kitchen so you can enjoy the day and not worry about rushing to the store or help you survive the struggle of what do I eat I need to travel.

So today is the start of a new journey or let’s call it an adventure - please join me!