• Gigi

I am Post AIP and I need a 4C!

When you just need a special treat!

I have been AIP for 2 years now. Most days I stick to my lifestyle staying away from all my trigger foods and sugary treats! But there comes a time when I DESERVE a little cheat so I call these my 4 C's - Carob Caramel Coconut Cheats. Don't hate me for showing you these but they will curb any craving!


Nutiva O'Coconut slightly sweet coconut treats 4-5

Caramel coating

2 tablespoons Chatfields Carob

1 tablespoon 4th & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Ghee

1 tablespoon honey - I used Tree Hive Maple, Honey and Vanilla Syrup

1 tablespoon toasted coconut

Toast coconut flakes/shreds lightly in oven till golden brown - you can substitute a topping of your choice. Try ground Tigernuts for a special treat.


- Melt carob and ghee over low heat

- Add honey stirring to mixture is caramelizing then remove from heat

- Dip coconut treats in sauce- I used a skewer to dip treats and place on parchment paper.